Online Help Overview

The provider portal includes Online Help to reference while using the application. 

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- About Online Help 
Access Online Help
Online Help Features
How to Use Online Help

About Online Help

  • Provides online access to context-based Help in the portal application
  • Only available in New View application mode; not available in Classic View
  • Replaces Quick Reference Guides (QRGs); QRGs are PDF files with instructions for using the Classic View of the application

Access Online Help

  • Select  on portal pages* to access Online Help
  • Help is displayed on a new tab in your Web browser allowing you to toggle between the portal application and the associated Help
  • Help topics are context-aware and based on the portal function you are accessing, for example if you select  on the Results Inbox page, a Help page for Results Inbox is displayed

*Help is available for most, but not all portal functions. 

Online Help Features

  • At the top of each Help page is a banner featuring: 
    • Health Information Exchange (HIE) logo
    • Language Translation Capability - convert the text on Help pages into different languages using Google's free online translation service
    • Search Capability - use keywords to search for portal Help topics
  • The "See Also" box lists selectable related Help topics
  • Select  Helpful? at the bottom of each Help page to submit feedback about the Help page

Note: Online Help may reference features that are not available to you in the portal due to your organization’s selected preferences. 

How to Use Online Help

  1. Select  from a portal page or dialog box to open Help for that function.  
  2. Help for the function opens on a new tab in your Web browser. 
  3. Select  Helpful? at the bottom of the page to provide feedback on the Help. Select  or Page Top to jump to the top of the Help page. 


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