Install Scan Control


To install scan control, select My Account in the menu bar, then Install Scan Control

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Scanner Prerequisites
Installing Scan Control

Scanner Prerequisites

  1. A scanner with TWAIN drivers must be installed prior to scanning documents into the HIE.
  2. Scan Control requires administrative rights on the PC for installation.
  3. You must be authorized as a Scan Access user.

Installing Scan Control

  1. Click on My Account in the navigation bar, then click Install Scan Control.
  2. If Scan Control has not been installed on your machine, you will receive a message stating, "The scanning control required for scanning is not installed on your computer. The scanning control requires you to enable your browser to run Activex or Plugins. Please check your browser security settings or contact your system administrator before selecting to install the control."
  3. Click Install Scan Control to begin the installation of the scanning control software.
  4. Please follow your browser's instructions to download and install the scanning control software.
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