Filter Orders

Use filters to find orders in the Orders Inbox.  

Note: The "Orders" label is configurable in the application. Other labels such as "Requests" can be used. For simplicity, "Orders" is used throughout this topic's Help.

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Filters Applied Indicator
Filters - Options
Filters - Actions

Filters Applied Indicator

The Filters Applied indicator is a quick way to see the filters applied to the Orders Inbox. Select Filters Applied. The system displays the active filters. 

Note: The Filters Applied indicator is displayed only when filters are applied.

Filters - Options

If filters are collapsed, select Filters to expand. 

When you apply filters, the subset of orders that meet your filter criteria are displayed. The following are the Orders Inbox filter options:

  • Patient Last Name: at a minimum, enter the first letter of the patient's last name
  • Patient First Name: at a minimum, enter the first letter of the patient's first name
  • Patient DOB (Date of Birth): mm/dd/yyyy format  
  • Order Date: Range or Time Frame
    • For Range, enter Begin Date (mm/dd/yyyy) and End Date (mm/dd/yyyy).
    • For Time Frame, select from the list.
  • Scheduled/Draw Date: filter by Begin Date (mm/dd/yyyy) and End Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Form Type: select one or more order form types (press CTRL to select multiple)
  • Facility: select one or more locations to which orders were sent (press CTRL to select multiple)
  • Form Status: select one or more form statuses (press CTRL to select multiple)
  • Service Requested: enter a specific service, or enter "multiple" if multiple services were ordered 

Filters - Actions

  • Select Apply to apply filter selections to the Orders Inbox.

  • Select Save to save filter selections as your Orders Inbox default for subsequent use.

  • Select Clear to temporarily clear your filter selections (your selections will still be active when you return to Orders Inbox).

  • Select Clear followed by Save to permanently clear your saved filter selections. 

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