Create Order

Note: The "Orders" label is configurable in the application. Other labels such as "Requests" can be used. For simplicity, "Orders" is used throughout this topic's Help.

In portal versions 4.5.0 and 4.5.1, you can access Create Order from the Orders main menu option or once you are in the context of a patient. In the next portal major release, you can access the Create Order function once you are in the context of a patient only. See Access Create Order for more information. 

Complete the following steps to create an order once you are in the context of a patient and on the Create Order page:

  1. Select the ordering physician from the list.
  2. Select the location to receive the order from the list. Forms are listed based on the orders that can be processed by the selected location.
  3. Select the check box of one or more order forms. Upcoming orders and filled/scheduled orders over a configurable time (for example, 200 days) are displayed and based on the order forms you selected. Review previously submitted orders to avoid submitting a duplicate.
  4. If you want to see the order form for an upcoming or filled/scheduled order, select the View Order icon .
  5. If you want to see additional request information for an upcoming or filled/scheduled order, select the View Additional Request Information icon
  6. If you want to see Orders Originating From Outside Your Organization, select the button.  
  7. Ensure your web browser is set to allow pop-ups, then select Create Request Form(s) to proceed. The system creates the selected order forms. Each order form opens separately in a form viewer. Complete each order per the guidance on the form.
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