Access Patient Summary From Patient Search

The aggregated Patient Summary consolidates all patient information on one page with quick tab views of the longitudinal patient record contained within the HIE.

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Patient Summary - Access
Patient Summary - Tabs
Patient Summary - Search Capability

Patient Summary - Access

Two ways to access the Patient Summary from Patient Search results:

  • Select "Patient Name" from a patient row. The Patient Summary opens.
  • Select  Patient Summary from the Actions list in a patient row. The Patient Summary opens.

Patient Summary - Tabs*

  • Clinical Summary - displays a patient’s Problems, Medications and Allergies based upon discrete C-CDA data (only available after a Global Patient Search)
  • Visits
  • Documents - now displayed in the Document Grid (formerly Document Tree)
  • Flowsheets
  • Consent - new patient Consent Status grid; support for viewing and adding permit/deny patient consent policies
  • Secure Messaging Inbox (pre-filtered patient context view)
  • Orders Inbox (pre-filtered patient context view)

*You will see only the tabs for which you have authorization.

Patient Summary - Search Capability

Within the Patient Summary there is new streamlined Patient Archive / Global / external HIE search capability.

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