Create New Patient From Patient Search

  1. Perform a Patient Archive Search.
  2. If the patient is not found in the search results, click the Create Patient button at the bottom left of the page. The Find Patient window opens within the Create Patient screen.
  3. Enter patient information, following the instructions on the screen.
  4. Click the Search button to execute the query.
  5. Patient verification is performed against the patient repository to identify any existing patient profiles that are similar to the patient information that was entered.
  6. If existing patients with similar demographics are found, a View Patients with Similar Demographics button appears on the screen. Click on the button.
  7. If an existing patient profile is found for the patient, click Select next to it, to continue.
  8. If zero patient matches are returned, click where it says Click to create a new patient. The Create/Edit Patient window opens.
  9. Enter the patient's demographic information. Be sure the data entered is accurate, then click Save.
  10. A confirmation window opens stating, "Patient successfully created." Click OK. You are returned to the Patient Search screen and the new patient is displayed. 
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