Compose Unsecure Email

This feature must be enabled by your health care organization to be available in your patient portal.

The Unsecure Email feature uses unencrypted transport methods. This mode of transmission is offered as an alternative to Secure Messaging. Secure Messaging takes place within the portal. Unsecure Email can be used to communicate outside of the portal. Unsecure Email requires that you know the recipient's email address.

Do not use Unsecure Email to communicate urgent health problems.

Note: Unsecure Email drafts are not saved.

Complete the following steps to Compose Unsecure Email:

  1. From the Messaging menu, select Compose Unsecure Email or from the Health Care Documents menu, select Send Documents Unsecure (email). The New Unsecure Email dialog box is displayed. 
  2. Enter the recipient's email address in the To field. 
  3. Optional: Add Attachments from Health Care Documents.
  4. Enter email Subject. Subject is required.
  5. Optional: Enter a message in the message body editor window.
  6. Select the user agreement acknowledgement check box. This is required.
  7. Click Send.

Note: Unsecure email is not saved in the patient portal. The Inbox, Sent, and Archive features available with Secure Messaging are not available with Unsecure Email. 

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