Orders Overview

The Orders component provides practices with an electronic way to submit outpatient orders to specific hospital departments. It also provides an electronic way to get updates on orders that have been submitted. 

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Create Order
Orders Inbox

Create Order

There are several ways to access the Create Order function:

Option 1: Select  Search from the menu bar; choose  Patient; perform a Patient Archive Search to find an existing patient; then click the Actions dropdown on the right side of the patient row. Choose  Create Order.

Option 2: Click the Patient Name hyperlink on the left side of the intended row in the  Secure Messaging Inbox,  Results Inbox, or  Search results. The Patient Summary view opens. Click the Create Order button in the top right corner of the page: 

Option 3: Click  Orders in the menu bar, then  Create Orders. Click the Patient Search button to find an existing patient.  

Option 4: If creating an order for a new patient, perform a Patient Archive Search, then click the Create Patient button at the bottom of the search results:  Follow the Create Patient instructions.

Orders Inbox

To go to your Orders Inbox, select Orders in the menu bar, then choose Orders Inbox

See Also: Process Your Orders Inbox.

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