Multiple Linked Accounts

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Multiple patients linked to your user account
Your default Linked Account
- Change your default Linked Account

Multiple patients linked to your user account 

  • If you are authorized to use the portal to access the health care information of multiple people, upon logon you see a "Select Patient" list at the top of the portal page. Use this list to switch between your linked accounts.   
  • Select a different person from the list to switch to that patient's view and associated health care information.  

Your default Linked Account

When you have multiple linked accounts, you enter the patient portal in the context of the patient associated with your default linked account and you see their health care information.  

Change your default Linked Account

  1. You can change your default linked account by selecting  My Account in the menu bar, then  Linked Accounts.
  2. Find the intended person in your linked accounts table and click the associated checkbox in the Default column. The change will immediately take effect. 
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