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Select  throughout the patient portal for self-service Online Help. Online Help provides information and guidance on how to use portal features. If you need assistance beyond what is provided in Online Help and Video Tutorials, please click here to contact us. 

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About Online Help
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Online Help Features
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About Online Help

Online Help is available to enhance and support your patient portal experience. Select   on a portal page to access Online Help. The Help system is context-aware, meaning when you select  on a portal page, a Help page specific to that portal feature opens. Help pages list related topics in the See Also box. You can also use the Search utility to search the entire Online Help system from every Help page.   

Access Online Help

  • Select  on patient portal pages* to access Online Help. 
  • Help opens on a new tab in your Web browser allowing you to toggle between the portal application and the associated Help.
  • Help topics are context-aware and based on the portal page you are viewing. For example, if you are on the Health Care Documents page and select , the Help page for Health Care Documents opens.

is found on most, but not all, portal pages.

Online Help Features

  • At the top of each Help page is a banner featuring:
    • Health Information Exchange (HIE) branding
    • Language Translation Capability - Use Google's free online translation service to convert Help page text into different languages
    • Search Capability - Use keywords to search for patient portal Help topics
  • "See Also" box lists selectable related Help topics
  • Select  Helpful? at the bottom of each Help page to submit feedback about the page content

Note: Online Help may reference features that are not available to you in the portal due to your organization’s selected preferences.

How to Use Online Help

  1. Select  from a portal page or dialog box to open Help for that function. 
  2. The Help page for the function opens on a new tab in your Web browser. 
  3. Select  Helpful? at the bottom of the page to provide feedback on the Help. Select   or  Page Top to jump to top of Help page
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